Just like any other celebration, a stag night too has an optimal window of time when everyone involved will be able to party till dawn and still get up looking human the next day. If you have been tasked with organizing the Stag do of a friend, then you have the unenviable task of looking for the best time to have fun. Here’s what you should look out for:

Wedding Eve Never

Despite the hundreds of movies that show it as so, never ever organize the stag night for the night before the wedding. Too many things could go wrong and many of them did in the Hangover movies. Take that as a cautionary tale and never organize the bachelor party then. If the groom imbibes too much alcohol and doesn’t feel like himself on the day of the ceremony, then he is missing out on a profound moment of his life. Plus, your friends could also be at various levels of sobering up and the free alcohol at weddings might be too much of a temptation.

Thank God it’s Friday

The reason why Fridays are the busiest days in bars, clubs and pubs is also the reason why your stag night should also be on a Friday, or at least on a Saturday. The day after is usually a holiday and you do not have to wake up early to go into work. This means that you can have late nights, booze and plenty of fun without worrying too much about the consequences. Even if you over indulge, you can always stay at a friend’s place and sober up before you go home. The best day of the week for a bucks party Melbourne is the weekend, so you have time to recover from your night of debauchery.

All in this Together

The most difficult part about the event will be getting everyone together. The best way to do this is to open some form of document or roster sheet online, or do an online poll to figure out the best time for everyone to come together. When deciding on the guests however, pay more attention to the closest few friends that you know the groom wants there and forget about the fringe who is being invited because they have to be. As long as your core group of friends can make it, the groom can relax and enjoy the fun.

So when you are deciding on when to hold a stag night for your mate, make sure that it’s not too close to the wedding day, not in the middle of the week and it’s a day that all the important friends can get together on.