Social media is the device that dominates the world at present. Everyone around the world are linked to social networks. The best thing about social networking sites are that they do not require a standard or specific age limit. There is therefore no age barrier. It does not matter if you are a teenager or if you are a retired elder who is at home. Social networking sites are open to everyone equally. A social Media is one website or an application that helps to bond, create and share through social networking. This helps people to communicate their thoughts, share their opinions, share information, share career interests, and also helps to share pictures and videos. Social Media therefore is a platform that helps people of similar interests and opinions to meet and exchange their views.  Social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, reddit, Flicker, Omegle and Google are few very popular social networking sites among youths and adults alike. The very reason, that these social networking sites being popular has also invited the need for development of these sites on a daily basis and also have required  alternatives.

Alternatives that have arose with time.
The demand among people for these sites and the clamouring need for these sites in respect to be popular among the society, various alternatives and adjustments have been taking place. Facebook very recently introduced the option of video calling which it did not have before. Instagram changed their official logo into one which is more attractive and user friendly. Social networks which were popular such as Skype and Omegle have however faced threats by these alternatives. Few social sites that are alternative to omegle and Skype which has the option of video calling are Chat roulette, chat random, funyo, Chatpig, Streambery etc. This alternatives are threatening because they have gained much more publicity than Skype and omegle. Twitter is a network where celebrities create accounts and communicates with their fans.

Twitter has taken many phases with time. Changing its interface and also by providing a bigger platform for more fans to know information about the daily life of celebrities they like and also to comment and like on their activities. Pinterest is one famous fashion and interior design networking site. It provides information about trending DIY tips and new fashion tips that emerge. Pinterest keeps updating new information every day so that it would not lose its followers.The more publicity, the more popular a network gets. People are diverse and their thoughts and likes change occasionally. Therefore it is very important for social media sites to adopt to various changes with time.