Paid sex is a truth, we all are aware of this fact that females are hired, stripped and used for pleasure and sex purpose, some females are doing it with an open mind and sense and some are doing it just because they don’t have any other source of income. In both cases paid sex industry is running profitably, things are bad in this world people are just too frustrated that they just do whatever they get. Unfortunately this has become a profitable industry and people are earning thousands of dollars from it, we all are aware of some common terms such as: sex, paid sex, porno etc. but there are certain terms and jargons in this industry which we use interchangeably and which is not correct. For example: we use the term prostitute for any girl who can be f**ked for money? Irrespective of what type of a girl she is ? is she related to some agency or some private company is providing her for sex etc. same is the case with the term escort? Which we think is the same as a prostitute? So let’s see how these two terms are different from each other.

A prostitute is somebody who is actually calling people for paid sex, somebody who is walking outside the road and asking everyone to F**k her and give her the money, there are no rules, there is no fix rate of hers, place would be hers or client’s and that’s it. There are brothels which are providing prostitutes and similarly they are earning from these girls. In short there is a quality difference; if one is looking for cheap sex then prostitute is the right person to get along. Furthermore, prostitutes are attached to some brothel who acts as business providers to them. There are no proper rules or regulations there are no barriers. Low personal hygiene, low maintenance, easily available to provide cheap sex.

Whereas an escort provides the same service but charges are way higher as compared to a prostitute, female escorts Kotara are used not for sex only they are hired to walk on the red carpet with actors, with high profile clients in order to add glamour to the event and later on it depends on the client if he could pay her amount he can F**k her. Place is undefined and usually they go to client’s place most of the time these high profile people hire female escorts for glamour, fun and sex. Escorts are high maintenance, not easily affordable, good personal hygiene and unidentifiable in the crowd. Only few people are aware of their reality and they don’t advertise themselves. Usually they take good care of their bodies, regular medical checkups in order to provide the best experience to all their high payers. All in all they both provide the same service but the quality and the way of providing that service is totally different.