Serving ladies are seen at every event organized by anyone. Without them serving guests with food and drinks can be hard. It is also going to be quite uncomfortable for the guests as they will have to wait in line to get even the smallest snacks at an event. Therefore, serving ladies are important to any function. These days you get to fulfil the serving needs and the entertainment needs of a function with the use of such serving ladies. There are adult entertainment agencies that are more than happy to offer you hot serving ladies who will be there to serve food and drinks while entertaining the guests with their hot looks. You can use them in any kind of function including a bucks party Byron bay. There are three main types of serving lady options for those who are looking to use the services of such serving ladies.
Lingerie Clad Serving Ladies
The first kind of serving ladies is those who are clad in lingerie. Lingerie comes in various styles, colours and sizes. When wearing them they will look as sexy as possible. If you have a specific colour they should wear you might get the adult entertainment agency to send them wearing that specific colour and even a specific kind of lingerie. There are times when you can ask the serving ladies to wear a sexy outfit you have chosen for them, which is not lingerie, for that special occasion.

Nude or Partial Nude Serving Ladies
The second kind of serving ladies is those who do their job of serving food and drinks as nude serving ladies or partially nude serving ladies. This choice is up to you to decide. Usually, at an event with close friends using either option is not going to be a problem.

A Mix of All Attire
There is also the special option of hot serving ladies which is presented to you by a good adult entertainment agency just like they organize a great bucks party Sunshine Coast for you. This special option offers you the chance to have a group of serving ladies with mixed attires. That means one can be wearing lingerie, the second one can be nude and the third one can be partially nude. That is going to create an interesting atmosphere in your function. It will allow your guests to see different levels of beauty. You can find all of these serving lady options at a good adult entertainment agency. Not all of them are going to present you with all of these serving lady options. For more information, please log on to