Is your oldest childhood friend getting married? Perhaps it is your brother? Regardless of whether you are related or not if your best mate is getting married then there is definitely cause to celebrate! Even if you have not been asked to be his best man there is no reason that you can’t help plan his stag party. There are so many options for celebrating your friend’s upcoming wedding. Have a look at some of the suggestions we have below…

Barbeque and chill

If you’re best mate is all about the outdoors and just sitting back and having a good laugh with his friends then a barbeque might be the best bet for a bachelor party. Planning is simple. Just check on a night that everyone’s free and sent out a message giving the date, place and time. The idea is to keep things simple. Pick a Friday or Saturday night, that way you don’t need to worry about getting up early the next morning and it is more likely that everyone will be free. Pick a house with a garden or large patio space, set out some chairs and put plenty of beers in a cooler. Buy the meats, get some hot dog buns and have someone whip up everyone’s favourite barbeque sauce and you are good to go! Now have a chill playlist on and make sure you have mosquito repellent on hand!

Party all night!

Perhaps the groom is more of a party animal. If that is the case then a night of pub hopping and partying it up may be the way to go. We suggest you hire a car or two so that everyone invited gets safe transport and you do not need to worry about a designated driver. Plan to stop by at the groom’s favourite spots and maybe add one or two places where you’ll have some great or interesting memories. If you want to have some fun teasing the groom have a look around for some male sex toys online and place an order in his name. 

His realisation that he’s received a package for and look for male sex toys online is sure to get some laughs and add to the fun memories of that night!

Take a hike

If the groom is an outdoors man then perhaps a weekend away with the boys to a cabin in the mountains or a lake may just be the best way to celebrate his upcoming marriage. After a long days hike, you can all sit round a bonfire, have a few drinks and just reminisce about your childhood and all the fun times you’ll have had over the years.