The rise in fame of the internet has enhanced many lives and changed many lives. Unlike in the past, today we are able to talk to our loved ones around the world as if they were still in the same room with us every day and we are able to experience family gathering and even business meetings from the other end of the world. In this day and age, we are able to meet with clients and customers around the world and conduct conference calls with our business partners around the world without leaving the comfort of our own homes. In addition to this, the internet has opened up many opportunities to young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and start up their own online and internet based businesses unlike in the past when starting up a business required a lot of money and invest. All in all, the internet has proven to be a very good addition to our lives for the most part and yet, the internet also has a very dark side to it that many people are unaware of and some people find out far too late.

Communication with strangers
When social media and the internet first became popular less than a decade ago, people were very careful about who they communicate with and about giving out their personal details on the internet and yet, today, as people become more and more comfortable with the internet, they seem to be making friends with many strangers even going so far as to join websites that are dedicated to omegle random video chat  which has given rise to a severe and scary rise in cybercrimes around the world. Even dating in this modern day and age has become a dangerous thing as many people are signed up to dating sites that allow them to meet with strangers and exchange personal details.

A fact that many of these unsuspecting young people are unaware of is that there are many predators that sign up with sites like Omegle and Tinder under false identity and false pretenses to lure young women in to meeting with them with the intention of hurting them. There are people who create multiple false accounts pretending to be the dashing young man with a great personality and a great job only to chat with omegle girls and lure them.

An even more alarming fact is that many parents are busy with their full time jobs and do not have the time to look in to their children’s affairs resulting in younger teenagers joining these sites with false details.